Professional Development Opportunities

Because typical instruction is heavily dependent on textbooks and other print materials, students who cannot efficiently and effectively use such materials are at a striking disadvantage. IDEA 2004 mandates that students with print disabilities must have alternative ways to access the information contained in textbooks and other core curricular materials. In some cases this means bypassing print completely—using Braille or audio formats, for example—and in other cases it means supporting the student’s uptake and use of print through various means such as large print, customized page layouts, or supported reading software that highlights print while the text is read aloud by the computer. The use of accessible instructional materials (AIM) enables students with print disabilities to connect with grade level content.

The Delaware Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) Center assists schools in meeting their obligations to students with qualifying print disabilities by: 1) helping them understand who qualifies for AIM and how to determine which formats best meet student needs; 2) providing instructional content in accessible formats. Schools can order the materials they need from the AIM website (, and material in appropriate formats is then delivered to students at no charge to the school/district.

Upcoming Trainings

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