Welcome to AIM Delaware!

Delaware Department of Education LogoAIM Delaware is a project funded by the Delaware Department of Education (DOE) to ensure that children with print disabilities in Delaware's public schools have access to accessible instructional materials (AIM). Learning materials are provided at no charge to the school district or student.   Individual designated as "Digital Rights Managers" (DRMs) place orders with the AIM Center based on the assessment of the student's IEP team and those materials are delivered to the students so they can participate in regular classroom activities along with their classmates.

What are Accessible Instructional Materials?

Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) are learning materials that have been converted into one or more specialized formats for use by students with print disabilities. They include formats such as large print, audio, and Braille.

What is a print disability?

A print disability is any condition that prevents a student from using materials as they are presented on a physical page. There are many conditions that might make it difficult to use such materials, for example blindness and other visual disabilities, the inability to hold the book or turn pages, or the inability to focus on the content because of the way it is presented.