The item below is included in the version of Delaware’s IEP document. The questions that follow it offer guidance to the IEP team regarding: 1) consideration of student needs; 2) documentation of needed services and supports on the IEP and other forms; and 3) follow-up activities to ensure that the identified services and supports are in place in a timely manner. Checking “YES” takes you to a page where you record next steps in the process and may act as a data management system linked to eschool.

Other Factors to Consider:

IEP Team must consider each of the factors. If there is a need identified, check “yes” and address in the IEP.

  • Communication needs of the student
  • Braille instruction for students who are blind or visually impaired
  • Communication and language needs for students who are deaf/hard of hearing
  • Language needs for students with limited English proficiency
  • Positive behavior interventions, supports, and strategies for students whose behavior impedes learning
  • Need for assistive technology devices or services
  • Interventions, supports, and strategies for students who have difficulty accessing and/or using grade-level textbooks and other core materials in standard print formats
  • Evidence-based reading interventions, supports, and strategies for students with limited reading proficiency